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Turkish Hospital to open on Jan 17

February 19, 2017 0

By Fazeena Saleem / The Peninsula

The first Turkish Hospital in Qatar will have a soft opening on January 17 and start seeing patients the same day, according to a senior official.
The hospital aims at serving more than 1,000 patients at its outpatient clinics every day in addition to inpatients.
Located on C-Ring Road in Doha, the hospital has 100 beds for inpatients and more than 20 outpatient clinics with different specialties.
The hospital offers treatment and services in all types of specialties including a centre for hair transplant, for which Turkey is well known.
The hospital is a joint venture of the Taleb group in Qatar and Ruzgar group in Turkey.

The two storey hospital building includes an Emergency Department, Medical Department, diagnosis and treatment units. Currently, it has 40 doctors all of whom are Turks. The number of doctors is expected to increase to between 65 and 70 soon, said Dr Volkan Uygunucarlar, chairman of Ruzgar group and co-chairman of the Turkish Hospital.
“We look forward to delivering safe and effective care to our patients not only from Qatar, but also from other GCC states,” Uygunucarlar told The Peninsula on the sidelines of a media tour of the hospital on Thursday.
“The Turkish hospital will have a soft opening on January 17 and we would like to invite President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an for the official opening hopefully next month,” he added.
Mohamed Taleb Al Khauri, Managing Director of Taleb Group, and several other officials were present during the media tour.
The Turkish Hospital has five operating theatres, 14 beds in the Intensive Care Unit, two delivery rooms, angiography and radiology units, laboratories and a pharmacy. “We have more than 20 polyclinics for surgical and internal departments. Approximately, we will be able to see more than 1,000 patients daily. All our doctors are coming from Turkey and the medical staff is from different countries including the Philippines, India, Egypt and Albania. All of them are well experienced in their specialised fields,” said Dr Uygunucarlar.
The hospital’s surgical department includes orthopaedics & traumatology, neurosurgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, ENT, general surgery, cardiovascular surgery, urology, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, ophthalmology, anaesthesiology and reanimation.
“All our teams at the surgical department are well experienced. In Turkey we work as a central hospital, where we get patients from other hospitals. So our experience in areas of cardiology, neurosurgery, gynaecology and orthopaedic is very exceptional, said Dr Uygunucarlar.
The Turkish Hospital’s diagnosis and treatment units are equipped with latest technology and it includes services such as MRI, CT, digital X ray, mobile digital X ray, mammography, bone densitometry, angiography, 4d ultrasound, echocardiography EEG (electroencephalography) cardiac stress test, microbiology laboratory, pathology laboratory as well as neonatal ICU.
“Only a five-star facility is not enough for a hospital. But we need to have efficient doctors and the latest technology. We have brought the most advanced technology available in the medical industry,” said
Dr Uygunucarlar.
The Emergency Department includes two polyclinics, observation and isolation rooms, as well as separate rooms for CPR and trauma care.
“The emergency department is very important. Because there will be time to listen and examine outpatients, but it’s not the case with emergency cases. We need to do correct diagnosis and make correct decisions within minutes , so we have chosen a very experienced team. The team includes doctors who are experienced treating large number of patients in Istanbul,” said Dr Uygunucarlar.
The internal departments include pediatrics, neurology, psychiatry, gastroenterology cardiology, radiology, pathology, dermatology and hair transplant center, internal medicine physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
“Many people come to Istanbul for hair plant and we have brought it here bringing an experienced team and advance technology in the industry,” said Uygunucarlar.
Speaking about insurance services, he said that the hospital is currently negotiating with some insurance companies and it will be finalised within a week.

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